OnPointCelebz Interview with NEW ARTIST Kayla Dane


OnPointCelebz interview with singer/songwriter Kayla Dane. We spoke with the artist to get to know a little more about her. Kayla was a sweetheart and very interesting. I see her going far in this industry. She is defiantly an OnPointCeleb. Below is our full interview with Kayla Dane.

OPC: What do you love most about music?

KD: Music is a way to [express] emotions and it’s a way [to] use my imagination and get out of the reality of the world. With music you can just take yourself to another place. It’s like an imaginary world for me and that’s what I think I like about music most. Whether it’s mine or listening to someone else’s it’s a way to get away from what’s going on right there. [Either] have fun or reminisce…its thought provoking so I would say it’s like an imaginary world.

OPC: Your new song fun in the world has been soaring though the web like wildfire. What does that song mean to you?

KD: That song means a lot to me. Really it just about in our society everyone is worried about gold, achieving, and success and a lot of times even at a young age we are really on a rat race and hustle and bustle. I don’t think people really take the time sit down and enjoy the simple things and have fun, I wanted to make a song that tells people to chill out and just have fun and I wanted to do it in a way that [didn’t sound like I was] preaching but to just make it fun. So really for me it was therapeutic because I have a lot of goals and a lot of dreams and even though I want to achieve all this, and I plan to, sometimes you just have to chill and have a little fun.

OPC: When did you discover you wanted to be a singer?

KD: Well I would say I knew this at 6 years old. I have been singing at church and school since I was about 6. (Laughing) I would always want to get up and the sing solos and they would try to get my sister to sing with me and she would stand behind me. I didn’t have a problem with being in the front and taking charge.

OPC: What would say your trademark is?

KD: Well I would say my trademark is and people always tend to notice and thing is really really cool are these star earrings tattooed. [I got them because] I can’t wear earrings. So I have two stars tattooed on my ear. Everyone who sees it says, ‘hey never seen anything like it’ and I’m like ‘oh okay cool’. So I think that has become my trademark. I’ve had it for the last two years. And it makes people really happy when they see it.

OPC: What artist do you enjoy listening right now?

KD: Nicki Minaj she is so dope and so talented. I’m into hip hop but she totally just opened up doors for artist who think outside the box and want to be different. She’s really sticking for women and we haven’t had that in a long time especially in the way that she is able to do it.

OPC: Would venture into the world of hip hop because I noticed you did a little rapping on your fun in the world track?

KD: I’m not opposed to it. (Laughing) I’m not opposed to it. When I did the rap on the song it was just [me playing around] having fun. I defiantly don’t have any experience in that, when I was in a group called ‘Bella’ there was a rapper I guess I learned [or whatever I did learn] I learned from her. I’m not opposed to it but I don’t have any plans to.
OPC: If you had the opportunity to do collaboration with anyone of your choice, who would it be?

KD: I would love to work with Fergie, I would like to work with Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo. The list would be so long. I would want to work with Pharrell not with him just producing with him actually on the song as an artist. Kanye, Big Sean, [and Charmaine].

OPC: When you’re writing music where do you go to be in your zone?

KD: Normally when I’m writing for myself I’m alone totally by myself. Really [I begin to think] how can I be vulnerable and I try to relax not think about it and just see what comes out. I try not to put too much pressure on myself when I’m writing because I really just want to be as real and vulnerable as possible.

OPC: What can your fans look forward to in the near future?

KD: Yeah I’m defiantly going to be putting a video out for fun in the world which I’m really excited about. I will be dropping a mixtape soon hopefully before the year is out. I’m excited about that too. I’m working on some remixes for fun in the world. Those are the first three things and so much more after that.

OPC: What is something you would tell a kid out there that is trying to make their dream a reality?

KD: Basically you can’t get anywhere without hard work. So would tell them don’t mistake what you see on TV and think it’s easy. You have to work really hard you have to research the industry that you’re going in. You need to make sure you know the ins and outs of it, and make sure you take a moment and relax to enjoy the simple stuff in the meantime because you can go crazy (laughs).

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