NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Maroon 5 – Maps

Maroon 5 released the visual for the single “Maps” today. The cinematic video begins in the hospital with Adam running around searching for the emergency room. Once he finds the room laying on the hospital bed is his girlfriend hanging on by a strand. The video then flashes back to earlier on in the night from when she got hit, to when Adam and her were at a party and she saw him kissing a girl too before they left the house and she was picking out outfits. The end of the video goes back to the emergency room where she takes her last breath before she dies.

The video did a lot of back and forth with the past and present causes the audience to really feel like they are watching a movie. If I had not heard the song before I would not even know what the song was talking about. The video was so powerful it overpowered the song itself.

OnPointVideo! Love it! MuaH! 🙂



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