Boris Kodjoe & Derek Luke Discuss Gaining Weight In A Marriage And Baggage Claim

Last week, Boris Kodjoe and Derek Luke did an interview with Cocoa Fab TV’s C Nikky about their upcoming movie Baggage Claim and Gaining Weight in a marriage. Boris’s opinion on the topic of gaining weight saying that one must “Keep It Sexy” had people distraught.

Take a look at the interview below and tell me your thoughts. Would you accept your partners weight gain in a marriage?

Boris says.

“What if I gained 200 pounds? And then she’ll look at me like, really? And I couldn’t even blame her if she started looking around.  Because I took her off the market, so I have to deliver what the market could possibly deliver for her.  So, I gotta take that place. Right? So, I gotta fulfill those things that the market could’ve given her.  I’m the market now, so I got to keep it hot and she has to do the same for me.”

Boris co-star Derek Luke chimed in with his two cents, saying that for him, even if a woman gained weight, there should be something deeper in the commitment that keeps the relationship stable, not just the looks.

“That’s part of my character. Part of my character is about commitment.  You know what I’m saying?  So, even if you doing the humpty dumpty, it’s commitment, cause you know what? The dude could go humpty dumpty! He could go from six pack to one pack, you know what I’m saying? Because in marriage, your body changes.

“I think [Boris] is right, you should put in effort to keep it sexy, but I think if you have missed the effort to keep it sexy, I think that there should be something stronger than your effort to keep it sexy. It should be commitment. That’s why marriages are failing in America and across the world, because there’s no commitment.  Because commitment is the key to success.  You can go up and down.  It’s about where you land.  It’s about your commitment.  Cause sickness, weight, that’s in your confessions when you get married.”

What do you think of their opinions???