OnPointCelebz Interviews Singer Kalenna

Kalenna is a wonderful person I’m happy I got the chance to interview her…OnPointCeleb! 🙂

OPC: When did you discover that you wanted to pursue a singing career?
K: I discovered at a very early age. I sang in church and I would say around age 9 is when I really began to realize my gift.

OPC: I read somewhere that you came to points where you were turned down because of your darker skin complexion. After experiencing something like that what made you still go on and fight for your dream? And what advice can you give to young people dealing with this same problem?

K: I couldn’t base my success on the opinions of others. I knew what I wanted to do in my heart and that I was born to do this so a few naysayers couldn’t hold me back.

OPC: When and how did the opportunity come across for you to start writing songs for artist like Christina Milian, Trina, Ciara, etc?

K: Hard work just paid off in those cases. Christina Milian’s song Peanut Butter was my first major placement and after that I was on a role and blessed with opportunities to submit songs to other artists.


OPC: How did Diddy Dirty Money come about?

K: The group was Puff’s brainchild. He chose me and Dawn to be a part of the group for different reasons. I started out as a writer for Last Train To Paris. I guess after he saw my work ethic and dedication to the project prompted him to ask me to be in the group.

OPC: What is the best experience you’ve had so far in your career?

K: My best experience was being able to work with Puff and then being asked to join his group. The experience changed my life.

OPC: How long have you been married to Tony Vick? And how did you meet?

K: We’ve been married 7 years and we met at a music conference.

OPC: What are the two things that will always keep a relationship together?

K: We have an unbreakable bond built on unconditional love and trust. We always have each others back, we’re a team. Our friends call us Ashford and Simpson. LOL

OPC: Is there something you would like the world to know about you that they don’t know?

K: I currently have a nonprofit organization called the I Heart Kalenna Foundation and we provide social services and resources for low income families and individuals with lupus. I also partner with the Lupus Foundation of America to promote awareness through social networks.

OPC: What is something your fans can look forward to in the near future?

K: More music and more visuals that will exhibit who I am.

OPC: What do you want your legacy to be?

K: I want my legacy to be about the music and who I am to others. I want my catalogue to speak for itself as well as my commitment to my community and helping others.