NEW VIDEO: The Carters – APES**T

The Carters dropped their FIRST joint album Everything Is Love with nine tracks on Tidal with the visual for single “Apes**t”. The footage shows Bey and Jay at the Louvre museum in Paris, including shots of them standing in front of the Mona Lisa painting while wearing pink and mint suits as well as shots of dancers performing in skin-colored tights and crop tops. Two performers appear on the cover of the Everything Is Love album. The video was filmed on location last month, a Tidal rep told E! News. Beyonce sings and raps in the song “Apes**t.” Sample lyrics include, “I can’t believe we made it / This is why we’re thankful” and “Have you ever seen a crowd going apes**t?”


Jay -Z ‘New York Times’ Interview


Rapper/Entrepreneur Jay-Z gets interviewed by Dean Baquet from The New York Times. Jay talks about the reality, we all try to avoid. He speaks honesty and the true that many people need to take in. Touches on how he has learned about himself and becoming a better person. He mentions a lot about his ‘obligation’ to this community. I have always enjoyed listening to Jay-Z music, but the way he speaks brings me happiness. I pray that people listen to this interview and actually leave with something valuable. Below is the full interview.


A Hip-Hop Political Rally, Starring Beyoncé, Jay Z (and Hillary Clinton)

CLEVELAND — In an election year when Hillary Clinton is depending on young black voters to turn out, she may have gotten her biggest boost yet here on Friday.Some of the most famous names in hip-hop came out to rally votes for her at an event that featured Beyoncé, Jay Z and Chance the Rapper, all of whom implored thousands of cheering people to back the Democratic presidential nominee.
“Hello, Cleveland!” Mrs. Clinton said as she stood onstage with Beyoncé and Jay Z.
Mrs. Clinton called Beyoncé “a woman who is an inspiration to so many others” and thanked Jay Z “for addressing in his music some of our biggest challenges in the country: poverty, racism, the urgent need for criminal justice reform.”
“When I see them here, this passion and energy and intensity, I don’t even know where to begin because this is what America is, my friends,” she said.
At the concert, aimed largely at urging black voters and millennials to vote on Tuesday, some of the biggest stars emphasized the historical significance of potentially electing the first woman as president.
The reasons were apparent. While black voters catapulted Mrs. Clinton to victory in the primary contest against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, black turnout is down from 2012 in several states and young black voters have proved somewhat resistant to supporting Mrs. Clinton in the general election.
Yet the challenges facing Mrs. Clinton were clearly on display on Friday. When she took the stage and began making the case for her candidacy, dozens of people began leaving the arena, the performance now over.
Still, Jay Z tried to argue that her rival, Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee, was not fit to be president. “I don’t have any ill will toward him, but his conversation is divisive,” he said. “He cannot be my president. He cannot be our president.”

Beyoncé took the stage just before 10 p.m., and after singing “Formation,” she put Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy into the context of women’s suffrage and the feminist movement.
“I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman leading the country,” Beyoncé said to roars from the crowd. “That’s why I’m with her,” she added, using Mrs. Clinton’s campaign slogan. The artist’s backup dancers even wore blue pantsuits, à la Mrs. Clinton.
The concert had a similar, though subdued, feel to one of Barack Obama’s closing events in Cleveland in 2008, when a largely black crowd of 80,000 waited for Bruce Springsteen to finish to get to the real star: Mr. Obama.
“This is historic, this is a moment in time,” the rapper Big Sean said. “Make some noise if you’re registered to vote,” he told the crowd, as an image of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. appeared on the oversize screens flanking the stage and he sang “One Man Can Change the World.”
Chris Stevens, 29, of Cleveland, said he was a “big Hillary Clinton fan” and expressed confidence she would win on Tuesday. Signs of what might be a close race were reflected in his family, however.

Mr. Stevens, his wife and his parents plan to vote for Mrs. Clinton, but he said his 37-year-old brother, who is a police officer and runs a small business as a D.J., plans to vote for Mr. Trump because he believes he would be good for business owners.

Mr. Stevens was left baffled by his brother’s choice. “I can’t, as a black man, vote for Donald Trump,” he said. “I keep telling him, ‘Donald Trump is not going to help you.’ But he keeps saying, ‘Donald Trump is for business.’”

Other performers, including Steve Aoki, Jon Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder and Ne-Yo, are also hosting get-out-the-vote concerts for Mrs. Clinton.
The events come as Mrs. Clinton is trying to motivate people in Ohio to vote early.
Younger voters are shunning the two major political parties on a scale not seen since Ross Perot’s third-party bid for the presidency in 1992, a striking swing in public opinion that is cutting into Mrs. Clinton’s thin margin for error.
The rally with Jay Z and Beyoncé comes at the end of a campaign in which Mrs. Clinton has carefully cultivated black support. She devoted the first speech of her campaign, nearly 18 months ago, to calling for an overhaul of the criminal justice system and ending “the era of mass incarceration” that has disproportionately affected black men.
She has spent many Sundays worshiping at black churches across the country. She spoke at a church in Flint, Mich., to plead for help with the city’s water crisis, and she campaigned with the mothers of Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and others who have lost children to gun violence or after encounters with the police.
In North Carolina, where a federal appeals court accused Republicans of an “almost surgical” assault on black turnout and Republican-run election boards curtailed early voting sites, African-American turnout is down 16 percent. And in Ohio, which also cut back its early voting, voter participation in the heavily Democratic areas near Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo has been down.

On board the Clinton campaign plane on Friday, John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, suggested unfavorable comparisons between Mrs. Clinton’s performance among black voters with Mr. Obama’s were unfair.
“Look, President Obama was the first African-American president, so he had a level of enthusiasm, commitment that we’re trying to push toward beating, but obviously he has advantages there,” Mr. Podesta said.

Via NYTimes

Fox News Slams Jay Z And Beyonce’s #BlackLivesMatter Support

While everyone has been proud of Beyoncé and Jay Z for their contribution to #BlackLivesMatter, you have Fox News that have to make them seem like they did something wrong. This past weekend, writer and organizer dream hampton took to Twitter to reveal that The Carters have donated “tens of thousands” of dollars toward bail money for protesters as well as other needs.

“We know that they’ve been supportive of the administration, over four million dollars donated over the course of time. So in the case of Ferguson, if you like it, then I guess you bring the bail for it,” Hasselbeck said, making a play off of Beyonce’s “Put A Ring On It.”

Steve Doocy adding in a jab for good measure, referring to the recent unrest in Baltimore as “lawlessness.”

“The lawlessness in Baltimore that we saw, and the people who got out, can thank  Jay Z and Beyoncé now,” he said.

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Jay Z × Beyonce release a trailer for ‘ON THE RUN’ tour

bey x jay

Jay Z and Beyonce have done it yet again. They have shocked the public with their creativity. The couple released a trailer for their upcoming tour ON THE RUN. The trailer is displayed like a full feature length film with some of Hollywood’s favorites which include; Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Diaz, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones and Kidada Jones. 

The trailer displays Jay and B in some illegal activity which ends up with them being on the run and having to watch their back.

Then at the end of the trailer the last words are “COMING NEVER”. Fans love the trailer so much that they have started a petition to make the trailer an actual feature film. They are trying to get to 100,000 signatures. If they reach their goal they are hoping the two stars will consider. If you would like to sign the petition please click on this link. Sign The Petition for “On The Run”

Jayonce’s Opening Performance on the Grammys


Beyonce and Jay-Z performed ‘Drunk In Love’ from the singers recently released Itunes album Beyonce. I have to say I absolutely love this new Yonce. She’s so raunchy which we’ve never seen to a full extent. Everytime I see those two together it reminds me of why they are the hottest couple.  OnPoint!

Beyonce’s Visual Album is Now Available on iTunes (Videos)

Just at midnight on the east coast, Beyonce suddenly dropped a brand new 14-track self-titled album on iTunes. That’s great!!! No pre-promotion needed.

Beyonce Instagram announcement, she described as a “visual album”. Each song also comes with a music video and a download of BEYONCÉ will also score you three additional videos.

Here is the full track list with a 30 second video for each song. Notably, there’s a duet with husband Jay-Z and a cameo from daughter Blue Ivy:

1. Pretty Hurts


2. Haunted


3. Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)


4. Blow


5. No Angel


6. Partition


7. Jealous


8. Rocket


9. Mine (feat. Drake)


10. XO


11. ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)


12. Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)


13. Heaven


14. Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

via CNN Entertainment

Click on the word link to download Beyonce’s NEW music and videos.

My Favorite video is Flawless. Beyonce did a great job with the storyline and setting of each video. OnPoint! MuaH! 🙂

Jay-Z Announces New Album In Samsung Commercial

Jay is seriously an OnPointCeleb, according to his new 3-minute commercial with Samsung, which is the first visual from a deal that’s worth $20 million if reports are correct. Jay has linked up with the brand to cross-promote his new album, which will be available for free on Independence Day to the first one million fans with a Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, or Galaxy Note 2 to download his new album’s app on Google Play June 24th. The LP, titled Magna Carta Holy Grail, will be available to the public on July 7.

I have never seen this before, an artist telling people about his album a month before its release

NEW MUSIC: Beyonce – Grown Woman


Over a month, after it’s scheduled release, Beyonce finally unleashed the tribal-influenced “Grown Woman” track that was featured in her Live For Now Pepsi commercial. The track, co-written by The-Dream and produced by Timbaland, features Beyonce claiming her independence as a grown woman, who can do whatever she wants. She drops memorable lines like, “You really wanna know how I got it like that, cause I gotta cute face and my booty so fat” and “I’m a grown woman, look down, got you so excited!” while the beat gives you something to move to on the dance floor.


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NEW MUSIC: Jay-Z – $100 Bill

The Great Gatsby is produced by Jay-Z himself and he’s bringing Hip-Hop and more to the American classic novel.

“$100 Bill” is the first of the Gatsby tracks we’ve heard that features Jay. On initial listening, he sounds somewhat reinvigorated, weaving in references of Slick Rick and a certain yellow car that plays a symbolic role in the film.

The cast seems, from the trailer, like they followed the book to the tee. I read the book and can’t wait to see the movie. I will be making a review video for this movie.