OnPointCelebz Interviews Rapper JBar


OPC: What made you want to want to pursue music?

JBAR: I would have to say just the love for music made me pursue music. From listening to my favorite artist like Michael Jackson to OutKast all day everyday, inspired me to want to create my own music, my own sound.

OPC: What does music mean to you?

JBAR: Music a lot to me. It’s my career as well as my hobby. So it’s never a job because it is what I love to do. Music can lift you up music can bring you down. Music is for the soul.

OPC: When you aren’t in the studio what do you like to do?

JBAR: When I’m not in the studio I like to go out to the movies, kick it with my love 1’s, and write.

OPC: What is your signature look? Your trademark? Something that sets you off from the crowd.

JBAR: Hat to the back, shades on, all black everything, iced out w/ the smile lol.

OPC: How are your two clothing lines JBAR and Cupid Clothing doing?

JBAR: My clothing lines are in the process of being brought back so we are getting new designs for today’s fashion. Bring Cupid back 1st.

OPC: Where do you see yourself in the next five years and the next ten years?

JBAR: In the next 5 years I see myself as a more mature individual, more knowledge, wealth, and bigger family. Musically I see myself growing more with my writing. Prob. have a few awards by then, few platinum plaques 😉

OPC: Who is your celeb crush?

JBAR: Celeb crush…. Kim K. is baddddd!

OPC: Is there anything your fans can expect to see from you in the near future?

JBAR: In the future look out for my debut album! I currently have some situation on the table and TOKE Vol. 2 will be out near the end of February, and NEW music videos on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/JBARsodmg) and WSHH!

OPC: What do you think about when writing music? Where does your mind go?

JBAR: When I write I just write whatever the beat tells me too. Sometimes I write about what’s going on in my life, other times just what a good time would be like.

OPC: What advice do you give to kids that are on their grind trying to make their dream a reality?

JBAR: To anyone pursuing a dream I say go hard for what you want! Don’t give up on the 1st fail. Just keep pushing! T.O.K.E. Take On Knowledge Everyday and you should see results.