Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Erica Dixon Talks New Children’s Book and New Adventure


OnPointCelebz interviewed Erica Dixon and she talked to us about all of the wonderful projects that she is working on. On of which is called “Introducing Southern Bell”, the first in a 7 book series of children’s book available on and her website In the book Erica displays the situations she dealt with as a child. With this book Erica hopes to touch the lives of other people that maybe going though the same situations. I read the book. I know this book could be a great tool for people, to begin to feel comfortable about bringing light to what they maybe going through.

Read on to get to know Erica Dixon more…

OPC: Can you describe Erica Dixon in three words?

E: Owww! Prosperous, Positive and Successful


OPC: What made you want to display your experience in “Southern Bell” the children’s book?

E: I felt like, you were only able to see snippets that were edited, of my life and I wanted to begin to tell my story, the way I lived it. So what better way to tell it than through a book? [The best part is that] it’s coming from the source. 

OPC: Did you feel as though some people would being skeptical about that type of situation being displayed in a children’s book?

E: No, I just wanted to tell my story and I wanted to do the children’s book. And I felt like me telling my story of when I was a child, was relatable. [There’s] a lot of kids that can relate to that situation. I just said I’m going to be open about it.

OPC: Do you think “Southern Bell” can be your motivation to start your own Charity?

E: Oh Absolutely! I’m leaning toward doing my own non-profit organization with my mom, gearing kids growing without their parents [in the right direction]. Being a voice and mentoring them, because I feel as though everyone needs somebody. That somebody I had was my aunt.

OPC: How do you think you could tell a child that is currently going through what you went through that, they will being moving away from their parents?

E: I think honesty is key. Letting them know like they did with us. “Hey you’re going to live with your aunt in New York, things are going to be a little different but you will eventually see your mom again”. It hurts, and of course their going to be scared. They’re not going to want to leave, but once I got there it was a different situation. It was actually a better situation. Basically I was like, “okay I can live with this I can deal with this” and I feel like it would be the same thing for any child. I’m not necessarily saying what their situation maybe, but hopefully it would be better situation. Being honest with them is the best thing, so they know what’s going on.


OPC: Has your daughter read “Southern Bell” and will she be a part of the project? Have you explained to your daughter the difference between having a privileged lifestyle and the life you once had?

E: Yes. I have exposed her to it. I did a [charity] with the radio station. We were out giving away boxes of food, it was a food drive and I took her with me. What shocked her was to see a few of her classmates come. They didn’t have food for Thanksgiving and Christmas. One girl was trying to hide because she didn’t want [my daughter] to see her. [My daughter] went up to her and said “I’m not going to tell anybody your business, I didn’t know, if you need something let me know”. This is coming from a ten year old. I do expose her to that so she does know that she is privileged and that everyone is not as blessed as she is. We are very very close, she ask me sometimes “I’m never going to be taken from you?” [I always reply] No, I’m fine I’m doing well but if anything were to happen to me, you will be with family that’s going to still take care of you the same way.

OPC: Is your fashion line something you always wanted? Or a project you picked up on your journey?

E: You just set goals and you accomplish them one at a time, [over time] you set them higher and higher. Definitely something I wanted to do and when the opportunity was presented, I took advantage of it and I’m still pushing that. That ties into me growing up and the things I went through. Dressing I always want to dress, and have all the hottest new stuff and the hottest new items. Just staying ahead of other folks not being a part of the trend.

OPC: Do you see yourself doing another reality show under your circumstances?

E: I would ask to take advantage of reality shows, more focused on me and what I have going on. I think it’s such an inspirational story for many.


OPC: How did you come about Model?

E: It came with the platform and that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I did a couple of auditions when I was eighteen/nineteen. When it came to fashion week I was like, “Wow! They want me to walk at fashion week. OMG”, it was just amazing just being able to. You think when you’re younger, “I want to do this and I want to do that”. Then you get to the point where you know the things you said you want to do, you have so many. Just set your mind to one thing at a time and do it. You may not be able to do everything. I have been able to and it seems as though I’m still adding onto my list, that I want to do. When the opportunity presented itself I took advantage of it. I was excited!


OPC: Your hair is always laid? Was a hair line something you always wanted to do or was it a good idea when you found out fans ALWAYS love your hair?

E: You nailed it! The focus was always on my hair. What type of hair does she have? Look at her hair style! How are you able to do that? To the point where my stylist said, “I’m not taking any new clients”. At one point I got braids and they were like, “Can you do my hair Erica’s? I want to know how many braids she has” She was like ‘How many braids?” Who’s counting braids? It was crazy. I said you know what, I’m going to go ahead and push my hair. They’re always wondering what type of hair I have. How are you able to do this style and that style? I have a hair stylist that’s not afraid to make changes. I don’t have to sit in her chair and say hey I want this. She always wants to be creative, most people are always wearing the same hair styles. I took advantage of [the fact] that people wanted to know and I give it to them. I’m like yeah I’m rocking this hair and so forth.

OPC: How often do you get your hair done?

E: I get my hair done every two weeks. Season one was like every three to four days. I kid you not. I kind of was like okay this is ridiculous. It was the first season so you want to be cute and ONPOINT!!!


OPC: what do you want your legacy to be?

E: I don’t necessary have to have a legacy. I know my daughter is watching me, I just want to be proud of her mom. She is now, and says “Everyone loves my mom that’s my mom”. I just want her to continue to feel that way.

OPC: Do you think monogamy has become a thing of the past?

E: Yes, I do believe so. It’s the year for the side chicks for some reason, I don’t know where we went wrong but side chicks and side dudes too. It’s just accepted and it’s so wrong, but hey to each is own. It’s wrong in my eyes. I’m just not with it.

OPC: Can you be in love with more than one person?

E: Yeah if you put yourself in that situation. That refers to the last question. If you messing with someone then decide to mess with someone else you’re, juggling two people at the same time. They both may have different qualities that causes you to fall in love with both of them.

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