Kofi Siriboe’s short film “Jump” Identifies Mental Health

Actor Kofi Siriboe tackles Mental Health stigma in the Black Community with  short Film - DefenderNetwork.com

Kofi Siriboe released his short film “Jump” yesterday and it has already been getting buzz. The film follows Ziggy, a African American male that is detached from reality. Ziggy continues to see a young girl that is telling him to follow her, but every time he finds her, no one is ACTUALLY there. He repeats the words, “I don’t wanna live, I don’t wanna die”, directly signifying his complex with living a life of depression and actually not wanting to ending the life he know (with friends) but doesn’t enjoy. His friend tries to reach out to him but he’s not interested in hanging out or talking. It ends with Ziggy on the bridge considering what to do next…

I’m proud of Kofi Siriboe for this wonderful film. Keep up the good work! OnPoint!

Check out the short film below:


NEW VIDEO: Nicki Minaj – Lookin Ass N****


Nicki Minaj released the the visual for her track “Lookin Ass N****, which will be on her forthcoming album Rise of an Empire. In the video Nicki shows off her amazing body as a man is watching her. She shuts him down with machine gun verses and shoots him down with machine guns. With the title along we can come to the conclusion that Nicki isn’t interested in those types of guys giving her attention.

Here is some of the lyrics:

Look at yall sharin’ one bottle in the club
One bottle full of bub’ ass niggas
Look at yall none-having-game ass niggas
Yall niggas share a chain ass niggas
Same cup in the hand ass nigga
In the club with a credit card scam ass nigga
No dick in the pants ass nigga
I be damned if I ever fucked a none-man ass nigga

I have been on Instagram and Twitter and it seems as though a lot of men are upset with the fact that Nicki came out with a song like this. I personally feel that the only reason you would be mad is if your one of those boys. I say ‘boys’ because you can can’t call a male that acts in those ways a man. Don’t get me wrong there are ‘girls’ that act the same but this song is talking about women that can’t deal with little boys. If you want a song that talks about women take a listen to Give You The Respect That You Earn. Otherwise don’t hate on the truth.

Tell me what you think of this NEW visual???