Love Should Feel Good

Love is something that is suppose to feel good. You are suppose to enjoy it. Your not suppose to angry and annoyed every time your around the person you “Love”.

Your significant other should bring a smile to your face every time they enter the room. You should feel safe and secure with your significant other. They should be like your best friend.  Anything you do together should feel satisfying just because your with them.

Don’t get me wrong every relationship has issues but if you make a list of the negatives and positives about your significant other and there are more negatives. Why continue? Why put yourself through the stress and heartache?

When you are in relationship that is going wrong you lose yourself and you become this depressing person. That at the time you may not notice but it is clear to everyone else around you, and the reason you don’t notice is because you begin to only care for your significant others acceptance. In some cases your significant other wont even care how you look because they already have you and they don’t care for others to look at you.

Do not allow yourself to be so consumed with your relationship that you forget about yourself and what makes you happy. No one ever said that letting go of someone you love was easy because its not it is really hard but it takes straight to allow yourself to break free from the chains and shackles.

You deserve the best it doesn’t matter what you have gone through in your life. Your a star and you deserve to shine.

Much Love,


MuaH! 🙂