NEW VIDEO: Tank ft. Trey Songz & Ty Dolla $ign – When Me (Remix)

Tank released the remix to ‘when we’ directed by singer/songwriter J Valentine and BenMac. The video displays Tank, Trey Songz and Ty Dolla $ign TT&T Auto Body workers ready to tune up these ladies to their desires… lol Love the video! 

Haven’t seen much of Songz lately, glad to see him in a video. Tank did his thang with this song, bring back that smooth and sexy. 

Check out the video below! 


NEW VIDEO: Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – Finesse (REMIX)


Last night, Bruno Mars released the music video for ‘finesse’ from his album 24k Magic. The video is directed by Bruno Mars himself, Co-Directed by Florent Dechard, and Choreographer and Creative Consultant by Phil Tayag.

The video was centered around the 90’s “In Living Color” TV show. From the fashion, to the performance, and the style of the song itself.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Bruno can do no wrong, when it comes to performance and art. I love how the video is displayed like a 90’s TV show introduction. It kind of makes me want to guess what type of character, both Bruno and Cardi would be. In my mind Bruno is the Will the “Prince of Bel Air” and Cardi is Jada Pinkett smith in “A Different World”. 

Bruno killed the performance scene, I felt like I was at a concert. I just wanted to jump into the screen.

The video was fun and enjoyable. Now all we need is for the video to turn into an actual show. If only…but until then Bruno’s 24k Magic World Tour tickets are on sale on his website.

Below is the music video…tell us what you think…

NEW VIDEO: August Alsina ft. Nicki Minaj – No Love (REMIX)

Screen Shot 2014 09 15 at 6.18.02 PM Video: August Alsina   No Love (Remix) (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

August and Nicki has graced us with the music video for August’s single “No Love” that is on his debut album Testimony. In the video the two get nice and cozy together, showing a lot of affection…which was absolutely the cutest thing ever. In the video Nicki plays a girl who has fallen for a thug type of guy which is August. While hanging with Nicki he gets a call from one of his females, Nicki sees the call and kicks him out. So he goes out partying with this girl. Nicki ends up calling and texting him while he’s out. After leaving the party he gets a call from the girl and he ignores it then looks at the pictures he took with Nicki from earlier. The next day Nicki goes home and sees a table full of flowers, which of course brought a smile to her face.

Some of Nicki’s lines include:

You can’t treat me like you treat them
Yes, I am the crème de la crème
Yes I am from one to ten, ten
You fronting in them streets, saying we just friends
You can’t front like this ain’t way realer
I know you hard, I know that you a killer
I know you started off a dope dealer
But let your guard down, your niggas know you feel her, feel her


I love the video because they made it seem so real. August and Nicki have a natural connection which made the video even more entertaining. OnPointCelebz!

Meanwhile August is on tour with Usher and Nicki is gearing up to release her new album Pinkprint in November.

My Response To The ‘Lookin Ass’ songs

Over the past few days there has been a lot of controversy about females and males that act reckless. It all started when everyone heard Nicki Minaj’s new track ‘Lookin Ass Ni**a’. It basically talks about all the males that do things to impress females that are unnecessary. When the track was released online many guys got upset because they said there are females that act the same way. So as a result many of them made a male remix called ‘Lookin Ass B***h’ about females and I have to say the most vulgar one I heard so far is Cassidy’s remix. He had no cut cards when he spoke of these types of females.

I’m personally not upset about any of the ‘Lookin Ass Ni**a’ or ‘Lookin Ass B***h’ songs. I hear a lot of truth being told in all of the tracks. I do however have a problem with the N word and the B word but aside from that the message was something that needs to be addressed. I believe that if you’re not this type of person you have no reason to be upset about these tracks. They aren’t talking about you but if you do get upset maybe you should evaluate your actions and change something.

A lot of guys talk about how females act reckless for attention or for sex but they don’t talk about the fact that those are the females they pick out of the group. They constantly go after the female that gives it up easy but then talk about how much she’s a hoe. If you have such a problem with someone who carries themselves in an indecent fashion, then why is that the female that you’re ready to wife her until something goes wrong? This is when their ready to call her every name in the book. Maybe if you tried dating the woman that respect herself and body then you wouldn’t have a problem. This also goes for females. Stop looking for the ‘wanna be’ thugs that can talk that good shit in your hear but can’t back it up at all. A good man can be standing right in front of you but you dismiss him for a guy that you have to ‘fix or ‘change’.

My point is we need to leave the Lookin Ass Males and Females to date one another and not corrupt the minds of the good individuals out here. There will always be those individuals but they are a waste of time an energy.

Listen to the song below.

Nicki Minaj – Lookin Ass Nigga

Cassidy – Lookin Ass Bitches