Big Sean released a song yesterday called, “No More Interviews” that had the Internet going wild. In the song big Sean addresses all the rumors that’s going around on social media. He also goes into saying that individuals that read these sites, take what they say to be a fact without fact checking. He addressed multiple situations that his name is been brought up in. One of which was his supposed rival with, rapper Kid Cudi. What I got from what he said is that they never really had a problem but if they did it would have been because of miscommunication. He also points out that with a simple conversation whatever that disagreement was could be fixed.  
The conclusion of No More Interviews is that he’s no longer going to do interviews that asked him about his personal life. He wants all interviews to be strictly about music or any business venture that he may be apart of. I had to say I respect that, because a lot of times now interviewing don’t ask questions that they need to be asking. They’ll ask one or two questions about the music and then the rest are about the personal life or scandals or whatever may go to media. I do watch interview sometimes and think that if I was the person sitting there I would get up and walk out. Although I understand that sometimes you have to ask certain questions that are boiling up and people want to know but sometimes these outlets go to far. At the end of the day these artist, entertainers,actors and actresses are human, and they still have feelings.
I’m happy that he took the route he did to address some of the things that bothered him.
I remember when he came out with I don’t fuck with you, I was really disappointed because I didn’t expect him to address the situation in that way. Although I don’t know him, I have watched a lot of his interviews. When I saw this song yesterday, I was releaved because this is how I wanted him to address situations. 

Take a listen to the song, and tell me what you think.


Big Sean vents about Naya Rivera on NEW TRACK ‘I Don’t F*ck With You’

Big Sean released a new track called ‘I Don’t F*ck With You’ after his signing with Roc Nation. On the track Big Sean goes in on Naya Rivera saying:

heard you got a new man.
I see you takin’ a pic.
Then you post it up
Thinkin’ that it’s makin’ me sick.
Blup, blurp.
I see you callin’
I be making it quick.
Imma answer that sh-t like ‘I don’t f-ck with you.’

And every day I wake up I celebrate.
Why? Cuz I just dodged a bullet from a crazy b-tch.
I stuck to my guns.
That’s what made me rich.
… I swear I hear some new bullsh-t every day I’m waking up.
It seem like nowadays everybody breaking up.
That sh-t can break you down.
If you lose a good girl,
I guess you need a bad b-tch to come around and make it up.”

First all I really have to say is why? I get the fact that you didn’t end on good terms but why must you bash her like that. There is nothing wrong with venting your frustrations in your music but all that isn’t necessary. I really like Big Sean but he definitely lose some cool points with me.

Tell me what you think of the track below