Kofi Siriboe’s short film “Jump” Identifies Mental Health

Actor Kofi Siriboe tackles Mental Health stigma in the Black Community with  short Film - DefenderNetwork.com

Kofi Siriboe released his short film “Jump” yesterday and it has already been getting buzz. The film follows Ziggy, a African American male that is detached from reality. Ziggy continues to see a young girl that is telling him to follow her, but every time he finds her, no one is ACTUALLY there. He repeats the words, “I don’t wanna live, I don’t wanna die”, directly signifying his complex with living a life of depression and actually not wanting to ending the life he know (with friends) but doesn’t enjoy. His friend tries to reach out to him but he’s not interested in hanging out or talking. It ends with Ziggy on the bridge considering what to do next…

I’m proud of Kofi Siriboe for this wonderful film. Keep up the good work! OnPoint!

Check out the short film below:


Kofi Siriboe Brings Awareness To Mental Health in Black Communities

Actor Kofi Siriboe from the film Girls Trip and TV Series Queen Sugar has created a documentary called What the Fuck Is Mental Health? Tackling the unrecognized issues of mental illness in black communities. In the short documentary, a group of young Black speak on their personal experience with mental health and how they have overcome.

Siriboe expressed to the Huffington Post about being inspired to make a documentary dealing with mental health:

Making WTF Is Mental Health? Has been a part of the healing process for me, one I’m still exploring. It’s the combination piece to Jump, a short film I made after a mentor and a big brother figure died by suicide, just before I got the call that I’d then cast in Queen Sugar. I started working on this beautiful, emotional show and felt how liberating it was to channel my fears into art. As I began to mold Jump, I realize the true conversation I was craving centered on young black people who are figuring out this mental health thing, too.

He also explains that he wants Black people to express themselves:

Everybody doesn’t have that language and doesn’t understand that there is a community or world out there of people dealing with similar things, so I want to explore what it is and what it means to us. A lot of our project is just asking questions, and I think with the questions, they’re able to give us answers and able to define these definitions for ourselves rather than what we are accustomed to being told.

It is no secret that Black people have a hard time expressing themselves. It is however difficult for many people to understand WHY Black people have such a hard time expressing themselves. This documentary is just the beginning of a well-needed discussion on mental health in black communities.

Kofi Siriboe releases Trailer for Short Film “Jump”

Actor Kofi Siriboe, from the television drama Queen Sugar, has blessed our lives with a trailer for a short film that he has written directed himself…You go, boy!!!! The title of the short film is “Jump.” It’s the first film we are seeing the young actor present in the world. The film is produced under Viakofi LLC, which seems to be owned by Kofi himself.

I love it when people take full advantage of their opportunities. So proud of Siriboe and all of his accomplishments.

Attached is the trailer, but I will keep you updated on the actual release date in 2018. Stay tuned!!!

Side Note: I wasn’t going to say, but this young man is handsome at its finest.

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MIla J is a ride or die for Kevin McCall in the short film for “Times Like These”

Mila plays the ride or die girlfriend to Kevin McCall. Kevin losses his job, gets his car towed and starts reserving eviction notices. Through all of this Mila still stood by him. He was then struggling, so he was forced into the life of crime. He gets busted by the cops. When he is asked question he doesn’t answer. They then gets Mila from the house and brings her to the station expecting her to give them a name but she gives them nothing. She wasn’t going to do anything to make her man go to jail which ended up with her in jail for the crime.

Although this was an excellent short film that was directed by Blue Gregory, I bet she felt like she should have thought more about herself at the end. IDK just a thought.

OMG I love this video I watched about four times before doing this post. OnPoint!

Usher Fights Alter Ego In Short Film

2Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 2

Titled “Looking 4 Myself,” the Rich Lee-directed film features a battle between the angel and devil personass of Usher. One being down-to-earth and the other being his celebrity half, which is also the theme of the title track of his last album.


In the video Usher is locked in a battle and seeking revenge against the celebrity version of himself after fame destroys his romantic relationship.

The short film is to show off the 2013 Samsung Smart TV.

Love it! OnPoint!

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