Getting to know Basketball Wives Cristen Metoyer

Domonique From OnPointCelebz interviewed Cristen Metoyer, to get to know her more as a person. Ms. Metoyer is known, for being on the hit show “basketball wives” on VH1. She is currently dating basketball player Joe Crawford. During the show we find out that, she and Joe have a young daughter together. They are in a committed relationship, and hope this sealed the deal soon. Through out learning all of this, we still never learned about Cristen as an individual person. So we conducted an interview, to help solve any unanswered questions people may have about her. Personally, I enjoyed watching her on the show, and absolutely love what I learned about her. Throughout her interview, she was really sweet and attentive. Below, is the full interview. I hope you’ll enjoy it, just as much as I have. MuaH!!! 💋💋💋

P.s. This interview was done, a little while ago.

Where did you grow up? Where is your hometown? I grew up in LA. I actually grew up in West LA and Valencia California. And my hometown, i’m back-and-forth, I own a house in Detroit, well Michigan and out here in LA.

How did you meet Joe Crawford? We met through mutual friends. I was out with my sister, she was meeting up with one of his teammates. We didn’t know that we were actually with the same party, and we randomly started talking to one another. And that’s it!

How did you get into the basketball wife cast? Originally, to tell you the truth I’m a really private person. So when it was brought to us, it was brought to us through Asia. They had approached her on it and she said [to my other sister and I], “ I don’t want to do it by myself, Will you guys do with me?”. I told her yeah, I I will go on as your sister. Of course for the moral support. I have your back, and that’s all that really came about.

Do you think that the show, has had a positive or a negative impact on your career? To tell you the truth, it wasn’t negative in anyway. The only negative is the fact that, me and my sisters had a big falling out because of the show. Its actually been really positive. I’ve actually had the chance to inspire women, that are insecure with certain things about them self. To say fuck it, and just embrace everything about them. And if you want to change whatever it is, if you work hard enough you can do it. [Also] I look like a crybaby on the show… I am really sweet, but every time I check someone they didn’t [film] it. Me and the stylus had exchanged words and they didn’t [film] it. [I just said] well, I guess on the sweetheart next-door.

Do you have any business ventures, that hasn’t been released to the public yet? I’m actually a photographer, so I’m used to being on the other end of the camera, instead of in front of it. That’s my career that’s what I do. That’s what I was doing before I that on the show.

Did you start off with photography? And you realize that was your passion? I grew up, and a family of photographers. So I’ve been around in my whole life. I’ve always been the kid, that when everyone would go outside to play, I was curious to see how the camera works. The different lenses, I was a kid I went in a dark room. I took photography when I was in school, then I really put my all into it. I had a camera already, and I would do little shots by myself. Then one day he bought me a professional camera, and it took off from there.

Do you do photography for certain people? I’ve done it for a few socialites. I’ve done a lot of work in Israel. I do parties, I do events, weddings. I pretty much do it all.

How do you get involved in Israel, with your photography? Because of Joe, the city that we were in. Whatever he wanted or we wanted they gave it to us. There were a couple of restaurants that will turn into clubs. We were really close with the owners, so I will come and shoot [during that time]. That’s how, that Open doors for me.

Do you have interest in being a part of the entertainment industry, Apart from the show? I wouldn’t mind, my boyfriend always says you should’ve been an actor, because you’re a drama queen. He always says I’m good at acting. I wouldn’t mind television, I’m too short for modeling I have too much body.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years and the next 10 years?

Hopefully, in the next year I’ll be married. [Also] oh well known photographer in the states at least. Probably have another kid. I really throw myself into my work, I really just want to be known for my artistic side. There so many layers to me with that.

Could you see yourself doing another season of basketball wives?

Yes, just for my redemption. Just to say first of all ladies I can dress. I’m not no goddamn crybaby. No one will walk over me, this season. I wouldn’t mind, because the ladies were actually really nice. They were really warm and welcoming, so I wouldn’t mind giving it another round.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I just want to be a real inspiration to my daughter. For her to know, no matter what he can accomplish anything. That she sets her mind to. I want to be known as one of those people that went out and did it, that it done, and help other achieve the same goals. I want to be known as the person that always gave back.


Cheating with Multiple People or One Person??? 

Stevie J Talk About Social Peer Pressure in African American Communities

Todays question is “How do we improve social peer pressure in the African American communities?”.

Stevie hit the question right on the nail. We absolutely need our young black men to feel as though they are wanted by their fathers. We need them to spend that quality time that every child needs. Mothers can do a lot but they can’t fill the void of a father. For example a young boy that has only been raised by his mother doesn’t understand certain things his other has been telling him about manhood. It could be that he looking at her like how could you possibly know. Which is normal because girls do it to when their dad tells them something about womanhood.

Social peer pressure is easy to fall in when you are looking to fill a void. When someone feels as though they need comfort not physically but emotionally they can find themselves in the wrong places.

In conclusions father and mothers please be present in your child’s life in order to lessen the number of social peer pressure that is dragging our young black people to the dark side.


Why is Azealia Banks so Negative?

Lately I have been hearing Azealia Banks name everywhere, not because she has new music out or is now on the top charts but because she is bashing another artist.

My opinion on the whole situation is that Banks needs to stop picking petty twitter wars with other artist and work on her craft. It’s sad to say but the most I have heard her name is because of the drama she is causing. First off for a woman that says she feels so strongly about black culture, why does she have to be the one to contribute to the stereotype of an angry black person?

Apparently Banks has a problem with the way Iggy Azalea acts and raps in her music. She feels as though Iggy is mocking black people by rapping the way she does. So I read a little on the twitter war between the two and I have come to the conclusion that Azealia Banks is looking for attention. I never heard of music including Hip Hop being only for one race. Hip Hop was originally created to help empower young black people , in low income areas, to do more with their life than sit on the block and hang out. The music empowered many young people to want to do something with their life. Now Hip Hop has evolved and a broad range of people, from every background, listening to it every day, this includes white people. So if someone from a different race wants to become one with Hip Hop who is anyone to tell them they can’t. No one said you can’t have your opinion but when opinionated outburst make you more famous than your musical talent there is a problem. Bank says Iggy likes black culture but not black issues. My first question is why does she care so much about how Iggy lives her life? Also does Azealia Banks even know what it means to have black culture?

Then she goes in on Kendrick Lamar for making a comment that makes sense and it’s the black people that don’t want to admit that we have a problem within, which will cause change to never happen. I agree with Lamar, the Michael Brown situation should never happen but has black people we need to unite and uplift ourselves from thinking negatively. There are black people that respect themselves but there are many that don’t. Like Ferguson anyone who thinks rationally would say rioting is the dumbest thing people can do to get their point across not only did you embarrass black people you also became the stereotype that white people picture you as. For instance white people now a days put feel in black people when they say specific things but black people feel as though they have to put fear in white people by war. No that’s not the way it works. Its all a mind game, they say the things they say and do the things they do becasue they know how the majority will act. In the end the idea is to get the majority of black people to stop being ignorant to the fact that we are bringing each other down and we have to do better. We can’t act out of anger and must think rationally before fighting a war. So when a quote on quote artist comes out and only promotes negativity it really bothers me because we have a generation of black youth that is already confused, we don’t need ignorant people poisoning their mind any more than it already is.

The point to this whole thing is that Azealia Banks is disrespecting people that have or is now proving themselves in the industry and contributing to the irrational way of looking at the issues black people face today. At the end of the day bashing other artist on twitter will not make you sell more nor will it give you cool points in the industry. My suggestion is for her to take a step back and evaluate herself.

Alicia Keys Holds #BringBackOurGirlsNOW Protest

Alicia Keys Bring Back Our Daughters

It’s been six months since over 200 Nigerian girls were abducted from their boarding school by Boko Haram, a dangerous terrorist group that opposes the education of women. And while the story of the missing girls no longer dominates headlines and social media, Alicia Keys hasn’t forgotten.

The pregnant singer, who recently launched her We Are Here initiative, held a #BringBackOurGirlsNOW protest on Tuesday in New York on the six-month anniversary of the massive abduction. Alicia and protesters were out there to raise awareness and to remind people that the girls are still missing.

During an on-the-scene interview, the 33-year-old mom credited her 4-year-old son Egypt as being part of the reason why she decided to protest.

Today is my son’s birthday and it is also making me stand in solidarity with all the mothers of the Chibok girls who have been abducted for six months and are still missing. And it is just outrageous that that’s going on.

Some people have even told me they’ve heard things about ‘there’s been progress,’ but there hasn’t been progress because the girls aren’t back.

So I think that we get mixed information. We don’t know, so we just have to keep being made aware of what’s happening.

Most of the kidnapped girls are still believed to be with the Boko Haram, but four of them escaped recently. According to reports, the girls were aided by a teenaged boy prisoner who managed to get them out of the camp where they were all being held. Using the sun as a compass, the girls walked west for THREE weeks through a jungle before arriving at a village in Nigeria.

Via: Necole Bitchie

NEW MUSIC: Kendrick Lamar – I

Kendrick Lamar’s new single ‘I’ is off his upcoming album, Prince Paul’s Boutique 2000 according to reports. Kendrick hasn’t came out with any new music since 2013 when ‘B***h Don’t Kill My Vibe’ came out. His album is one of the most highly anticipated album of this year. Can’t wait!

The song is very positive. I absolutely love the concept and the message he is trying to get across. OnPointCeleb!

Lyrics from the track include:

And I love myself!

The world is a ghetto with guns and picket signs.

I love myself!

But it can do what it want whenever it wants and I don’t mind.

I love myself!

He said I gotta get up, life is more than suicide.

Take a listen to the track below…

NEWS: Paris Jackson Rushed To Hospital After Suicide Attempt

According to reports, Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital late last night after a suicide attempt.  Just before she was wheeled out of her home on a stretcher with two slits on her wrist, the 15 year old had posted cryptic tweets on Twitter that read, “Wonder why tears are salty? Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay.

A source revealed to US Magazine:

She has major depression issues, a lot of it stemming from her dad’s death. It’s very real and very sad. She has been extremely depressed and not been able to sleep lately, staying up all night.

Earlier today, her mom  confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Paris slit her wrists while telling the site that Paris has had a lot going on lately. She was also upset that she wasn’t allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert.

It’s hard to say what her current relationship is like with her father’s side of the family (after the highly publicized fallout with Janet last year), but over the last few months, she has reunited with her mother Debbie Rowe and has begun forming a closer relationship with her mother’s side of the family.


It hurts my heart to see a young girl going threw this type of pain. I don’t think a lot of people understand the pain that this girl must be feeling. I pray that she looks within herself and sees that she is worth all of what has to offer. Also I hope the relationship with her mother works out for the best.

Spoken Word by Spoken Reasons – American Dream

I’m was moved by the words that Spoken Reasons said in American Dream.
Its all true we are told things by government that we can’t trust. Lets be honest what do we really know is true or false. They tell us things they want us to hear so you believe in them and then they turn around and disappoint us.
Our generations have changed greatly young people struggle to become cool to impress peers. They forget about who they are to be what others want them to be and that’s when drugs come into play.
The American Dream is something most people in the world want, but like Spoken Reasons says, is there really truly an American Dream anymore?